All You Need To Know About Shopping In Dubai

If shopping is your poison, Dubai has to be your Mecca. I know a lot of my friends who swear by the name of the city Dubai for anything and everything they need. From the launch of the newest iPhone to the latest gadget or anything related to electronics, it is not unusual to mark the date in the calendar when the Dubai shopping festival beckons. The real shopping in Dubai is not only restricted to the pricey items like electronics and gold it also extends to quality clothing, finest of perfumes, designing consumers and a luxury culture.

shopping in dubai

Unlike Abu Dhabi, or the other big cities of Middle East, shopping in Dubai out-stands all the others. The scale of celebration during any shopping festival is unprecedented and something to experience. Even for a minimalist travel enthusiast like me Dubai shopping festival holds unusual importance. I collect most of my travel gears (read electronics, laptop, camera and other equipment) mostly from Dubai. Let me give you sneak peek and an overall guide to inspire you for the next travel.

Dubai Souqs

The bustling souqs or the middle Eastern style Bazaar of Dubai are where the old days still live in. Dubai has been a port of Arabian gulf for more than a century. Of course this souqs are not as touristy as that of Morocco, however they are fun and vibrant with life. They also retains a specific identity with themselves.

The local people come here for shopping in Dubai, for their everyday needs. This is one place where you find the regular stuff the locals use on a regular basis. Heads scarves, aromatic woods, Indian and Afghani exotic textile and of course the glitters of gold souk is what you should look forward to.

When visiting the local markets prepared to back in a lot. Offer 50% of the quote and make your way forward. My favourite from the market is the delectable carpets.

Dubai Shopping Malls

Only in Dubai I have enjoyed shopping from the malls. The obvious reason is extreme heat on the city streets. The malls are glamorous. They are the meeting place with friends, the obvious choice for a movie dates. People tend to socialize in the malls. With gym, spa, beauty salons the shopping malls in Dubai are everyday theater of local lives.

Among multiple malls of Dubai if I have to choose one I would like to name Mall of Emirates. The palatial building is made of polished marble floors and the best selection of shops. Name a brand and you will surely find it in the massive structure. In every possibility you will also find a hotel along with a mall in the streets of Dubai.

The Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF as it has been referred to in local life it’s much more than the fun of shopping in Dubai. Of course discounts galore and paid promotions rule. Fireworks will it up the night sky. Heritage and traditional cultural activities are a highlight of the promotion. But it is much more than that.

Last weeks of January or February, when winter has not gone yet and the weather is very pleasant, the shopping festival takes place. Wrap around shawl and head to the mall. You will see celebration of life everywhere. However, hotels in Dubai are extremely overpriced at that point of time. I strongly recommend booking beforehand.

Dubai shopping festival is not only for those who like to splurge but also for those who plan their expenditure wisely from beforehand. Shopping in Dubai is an experience in itself. It is as robust and full of value. Collect the ones that you need. Your utmost ones you need. The upscale city life exposure comes as an addition to the shopping experience.

Madhurima Chakraborty

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